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Tasty Cartoons

I've made a whole bunch of variations of the Tasty cartoon, and here they are! These are mostly created using Adobe Illustrator, but some required Photoshop as well.

I created this artwork for 21st Amendment Brewery for "Tasty IPA," a collaboration beer created with the help of Tasty.

Whatever you do don't stare directly at Tasty without appropriate eye protection, until he reaches totality.

This is just plain classic Tasty, no frills.

When Tasty traveled to England in 2017, he quickly adapted to the style of the locals.

Uncle Sam Tasty brings his highest level of patriotism. I made this cartoon in celebration of the 4th of July 2017.

Cupid Tasty shoots arrows and spreads the love. Naturally, he wouldn't be seen without his trademark hat, even if he isn't wearing any clothes.

Santa Tasty spreads Christmas Cheer! Like actual Santa, his belly is known to shake like a bowl full of jelly. This Santa, however, brings his own cookies.

New Year Tasty welcomes 2017 with class and solumn reflection. This Tasty variant is the first to feature a few minor alterations to the classic pose.

Grandpa Tasty was created to celebrate Tasty becoming a Grandpa on Christmas day 2016.

With this second version of Granpda Tasty we dialed the Grandpa-ness up to maximum level. Instead of trendy suspenders and bowtie, this Granpda wears an itchy wool jacket and glasses.

Leprechaun Tasty celebrates the St. Patrick's Day holiday with total disregard for Irish stereotypes, but get out of here with any oddly colored beer.

This Tasty is a reflection of the true appearance of the real life person, especially in the winter when you'll never see him wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

"Aussie Tasty" was made to celebrate Tasty's trip to Australia. This cartoon was designed and colored in Photoshop, and Inked using Illustrator.

This variation of the "Tasty" character was created as a promotional image for the beer "Saint McDole" by Fieldwork Brewing.


These are drawings, textures, logos, and scenes that I've created in Photoshop.

This is an overlay I created for Twitch streaming. For this piece I recreated every part of the original King's Quest box art from scratch, including the logos, titles, specs sticker, and background.

This is another Twitch overlay I made for streaming. For this image I used screenshots from the game N++ to create a background and logo in a style that seemed to fit the game.

These are custom textures I made for my Left 4 Dead 2 campaign "Devil Mountain." Using photos I took with my phone, I adjusted their color and to made them tile seamlessly using Photoshop.

Smoker Bear was made for a 3D model used in Devil Mountain. He's a combination of the Left 4 Dead 2 "Smoker" and "Smokey Bear."

The Devil Mountain logo was created for my Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, and was used both in-game and for promotional purposes.

This logo was used in my Left 4 Dead 2 Survival map "End of the Road." The yellow text in the middle with white text on the top and bottom was meant to invoke the lines on a road.

This is a website mock-up that was made for a client who wanted a convincing visual aid to help pitch their website idea. Careful attention was paid towards creating an image that looks like a working website.

This is the background used in the flash game Tasty Toobin, it was made entirely in Photoshop. The Hop Grenade logo was created by, and used with permission from, The Brewing Network.

Game Models

I created these models for use in Left 4 Dead 2 using 3ds Max. The textures were also created by me from scratch using reference photos and Photoshop.

The Smoker Bear fire danger sign was created as a visual easter egg for fans of the Left 4 Dead games, who might recognize the iconic silhouette of the Smoker zombie.

This detonator was created for the TNT explosion at the end of Chapter 2: Blast Zone in Devil Mountain.

Having this specific type of gate at the start of Devil Mountain Chapter 3 was essential in establishing the setting of a state park.

Throughout Devil Mountain there are cliffs where the player can fall to their death if they're not careful. This sign model was used to alert players to these deadly drop-offs.

Pencil Drawings

My artwork is usually pretty cartoony, but I've done a few realistic drawings as well.

Lightwave Scenes

These 3D models, textures, and scenes were created from scratch using Lightwave and Photoshop.

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