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Spineboy - 2017

I made these animations as a learning exercise while testing out the Spine animation tool. Prior to making these, I had never used Spine. Spineboy is one of the test characters that comes with Spine.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (WayForward Technologies 2014)

For this project I created the animations for two of the game's bosses: The Empress Spider, and The Pirate Master. The character artwork was created by WayForward Technologies.

Aliens: Infestation - Nintendo DS (2011)

These animations were made for the WayForward Technologies game Aliens: Infestation, using their proprietary 2D segmented animation tool. The artwork was created by WayForward.

Baseball Blast! - Nintendo Wii (2009)

These are some of the animations I made for Baseball Blast! They were created using 3ds Max for Wayforward Technologies with a character and rig they supplied.

An Actor

This is a character acting and lip sync piece I made while studying at AnimationMentor using a sound clip of Tobias from Arrested Development. It was animated with Maya using the character and rig provided by AnimationMentor.

Wake Me Up

Here is a second character acting and lip syncing animation, this one with two characters. The source audio is from School of Rock. Animation created using Maya and the characters and rigs are by AnimationMentor.

The Dentist

The Dentist is my final project from AnimationMentor, a one minute short film. Andy is at the dentist getting some work done on his teeth, and finds himself in an awkward position as the result of a giant bee.


I'm not very experienced with hand-drawn animation, but this was my attempt at working out a baseball pitch using a tablet and PAP.


Escape was created as a final project at San Francisco State University. Although it's one of my oldest animation projects, its still a good demonstration of my ability to conceptualize and execute an ambitious project to completion. This was made entirely by me using Lightwave, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere.

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