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I'm an enthusiastic digital artist, passionate about bringing ideas to life and committed to creating cool stuff of the highest quality. I have a diverse set of skills that enable me to tackle any range of projects, including video editing, photo editing, website mockups, logo design, 3D modeling and animation. Iíve created epic video game levels, made my own website, and I can play a mean guitar solo! Iím excited by new creative challenges, and can learn any tool necessary to do the job. On this website you can find examples of these projects and more.



At the core of my skillset is a strong familiarity with Photoshop, which I use on nearly all of my projects:

  • Website Mockups for personal and client projects
  • Hand-drawn cartoon characters
  • Created clean and elegant vector art
  • Experience creating titles for use in digital video projects
  • Seamlessly tiled game textures from photographs
  • Created appealing logo graphics
  • Photo manipulation and touch-ups
  • Comfortable working on large projects with many groups and layers

Freelance Animator, WayForward Technologies 2008 - 2014

  • Created compelling gameplay character animations using 3ds Max and WayForward's 2D segmented animation tool, specializing in enemy and boss animations
  • Contributed to 5 Shipped Titles
Video Editing/Production

Iíve produced and edited tons of videos for my projects using Adobe Premiere, including:

  • Promotional gameplay videos for game levels
  • Short films
  • Animation reels
  • Title overlays
Video Game Level Design
  • Created Devil Mountain, a 5-map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. Set in a semi-rural mountainous region and featuring a wide variety of highly detailed environments, it was envisioned as a campaign where every level is distinct and memorable.
  • Created End of the Road, a Left 4 Dead 2 survival map set on a dead end street in a small town. Centered around a large house loaded with supplies and many ideal holdouts, I want the players to have as much fun dying as possible!
  • Pushed the Doom II engine in a unique direction when creating Revengeon, a sprawling 2-part forest adventure with nonlinear progression and a design style that is cartoony and simplified.

Proficient with:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Source SDK, GtkRadiant, Doom Builder, Sketching and Drawing

Familiar with:

  • HTML/CSS Web Design, Adobe Illustrator, Word Processing and Spreadsheets, 3ds Max Ė 3D Modeling/UV Mapping/Animation

B.A. in Art - Emphasis in Conceptual/Information Arts

San Francisco State University - Fall 2004

Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies

Animation Mentor - Fall 2006

Other Interests

Retro gaming, playing guitar, hiking, tabletop gaming, flying quadcopters, drawing

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