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Devil Mountain - Left 4 Dead 2

The survivors find themselves trapped in the suburbs with Devil Mountain looming large in the distance, its emergency beacon activated. Is it a call for rescue, or a warning of danger? Climb the back of the beast and find out!

Devil Mountain is a 5-map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. Set in a semi-rural mountainous region and featuring a wide variety of highly detailed environments, it was envisioned as a campaign where every level is distinct and memorable. As players progress from the suburbs through a quarry, up a mountain and through a cave, night turns to day and back to night again, while a storm system passes through giving each map an atmosphere that is distinct.

Chapter 1: Suburbs

Chapter 2: Blast Zone

Chapter 3: Canyon

Chapter 4: Caves

Chapter 5: Summit

End of the Road - Left 4 Dead 2

Pursued across town by neverending swarms of infected, the four survivors have reached the End of the Road. This is it, the final stand!

End of the Road is a Left 4 Dead 2 survival map set on a dead end street in a small town, featuring two fully detailed houses to hold down, 3 mounted guns, and enough ammo and supplies to last as long as YOU can.

Fall of the Wizard - Quake

For ten thousand years the villagers have lived peacefully in the shadow of the wretched Wizardís Tower, but no more! The horrible wizard has been forming a terrible hatred of the benevolent townsfolk, and now seeks to ruthlessly pillage their sacred temple.

When the wizard steals the villageís holy relic, YOU, the town's boldest warrior must venture to the Wizardís Tower and take back what is rightfully yours! The path will not be an easy one, for the wizard has devised many cruel and devious obstacles to keep himself safe.

Chapter 3: Where Death Delights

Revengeon - Doom II (ZDoom)

Revengeon is an epic forest adventure for Doom II (ZDoom) with non-linear progression and a style that is cartoony and simplified. Complexity and interactivity not traditionally available in Doom II was added through extensive use of ZDoom's ACS scripting language (for examples see the ACS Scripts file linked below). Particular attention was paid towards balancing between battles, secrets, and puzzles to keep gameplay fresh.

Map1: Diabolus

Map2: Blood Forest

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